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100 Humanitarians International is focused on helping families in Kenya solve the problems of food scarcity, clean water, hygiene, and education.

You are probably here, because you have seen the work that we are doing on social media, or a friend or family member has gone on an expedition with us. You've seen the impact, and you want to be a part of it. We would LOVE to have your help!

If you want to join us on an expedition, click on the button below that says, "Experience Kenya."

If you want to donate to a family, and have an immediate impact on their lives, choose a county, then village, and then the family you wish to help. It's that simple.

Asante sana!

Available Communities

Kenya - Narok County - Maasai Mara

Our Garden Tower Program on the Maasai Mara began in January 2021. Because of the constant shortage of water, we decided that every family would receive a garden tower for every 5 people, and a 1000 liter water tank to capture and store rainwater.

The women on the Maasai Mara walk to gather water up to 3 times each day, walking 3-5 kilometers. They are at risk of being trampled and killed by elephants and cape buffalo, who often share the springs and rivers where they get water.

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Kenya - Bomet County

Our Garden Tower Program in Bomet began in 2019 when we received funding from The USANA Foundation for a pilot project. 200 families received garden towers and water tanks during the first year of the pandemic.

From that pilot program, we were able to determine that each family member was able to eat up to 8 meals each week of fresh vegetables. The excess vegetables were being sold for additional income. The program worked so well, that we partnered with The USANA Foundation to bring garden towers to 7 communities in Kenya.

Kenya - Narok County - Nkareta

Our garden tower program was launched in Nkareta in June 2018, when we built the first ones with the Pere family to see how they would work. Prior to that, we were building square foot gardens at 5x the cost. We were thrilled with a new solution that would allow us to reach more families.

In Nkareta, the families have collaborated to help run our training center, which includes a sewing center, a micro-farm breeding cows, goats, chickens, and raising bees. When you sponsor a family in Nkareta, you are helping them start businesses while educating and feeding their families.

Kenya - Kakamega County - Western

In early 2022, we expanded our garden tower program into Western Kenya. Christine is our Community Director for that area, as well as our Women's Director for our Hygiene program. She has distributed HopeKits to women and girls all over Kenya, including Western.

In rural areas of Kenya, the monthly income is often between $10-50/month for a family. Imagine feeding your children on that amount! Having vegetables that they are able to grow themselves is life-changing. Your donation is what makes that happen.

Do You Want to Go to Kenya?

Are you ready to explore an expedition to Kenya? This is your opportunity to SEE the impact that you have made by helping 100 Humanitarians International. Each expedition consists of service, cultural immersion, and of course, safari on the Maasai Mara. We have expeditions going almost monthly. Sign up for expedition info, and let us know which trip is best for your schedule.

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